Save money

Smoking e-cigarettes is cheap. The refilling of one cartridge with the nicotine liquid costs approx €0,50. One cartridge is equivalent of a whole pack of cigarettes. Calculate on your own how much money you can save by switching to e-smoking.

Protect health

E-cigarettes contain no tarry substances. “The smoke” an e-smoker inhales is an aromatic water vapour that contains nicotine. By switching to e-smoking, you can protect yourself and others from carcinogenic action by tobacco smoke constituents.

Feel the freshness

After switching to e-smoking, you can forget about the unpleasant cigarette odour on clothing. You will be able to get rid of bad breath, too. Enjoy the freshness of your smoke-free breath and clothes.

Feel the freedom

In most countries, e-cigarettes are allowed to be used in public places (for example, offices, restaurants, public transport, and planes).