Vampire Vape Salts 20mg – Catapult


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Launch your taste buds into a whirling sensation as the ripe blackcurrant and summer fruits caress the palate. This fruity mix is quickly heightened with ice-cold menthol undertone that entwines seamlessly with the fruit flavours, lifting the mixture to give an all-round better hit. Catapult Nic Salts come with increased flavour and nicotine, which delivers a more powerful and satisfying vape with each inhale.

Catapult is a fruity fusion with a menthol undertone that allows for the intense fruit flavours to remain on the palate long after each exhale.

Nic Salts are an ideal option for those who previously smoked more than a pack of cigarettes per day or for those who cannot vape frequently. The higher nicotine settles quicker into the bloodstream, giving a more satisfying nicotine hitthat curbs cravings.

This Nic Salt bottle comes in a 50VG/50PG blend with an option of 20mgwith the juice being suited to pen or pod devices.


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